ORIGIN researcher Dr Orla Houlihan highlighted the role for personalised brachytherapy treatment in cervical cancer at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Gynaecological Cancer Society in London. Dr Houlihan’s recent review emphasises the clinical need for in vivo dosimetry to monitor radiation dose and radioactive source location in real-time.



Dr Agnese Giaz from the University of Insubria recently presented the work of ORIGN at ICHEP, the cornerstone event for the scientific community involved in high energy physics. Dr Giaz described how ORIGIN will provide Real-time 3D dose imaging and source localisation in brachytherapy and gave an overview of the commissioning and first results of a 16-sensor prototype. 


Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting

ORIGIN was delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda at the Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting in Brussels. Coordinator Dr Sinéad O’Keeffe presented an update on the ORIGIN project and joined in discussions to shape the future of photonics research in health.


ORIGIN raises €1,120 for Irish Cancer Society

ORIGIN is delighted to announce that over €1000 was raised for the Irish Cancer Society in response to the VHI women’s mini marathon fundraising event.

ORIGIN researchers joined over 20,000 women on the start line in Dublin this June to raise awareness of gynaecological cancer, promote women in STEMM and raise vital funds for the Irish cancer society.

A massive thank you to everyone who donated and super well done to all who took part on the day. Special thanks to Agnese Giaz, who travelled from Italy for the race!

#lCancerResearch #WomenMakingMagic

Race ready!
All smiles despite the rain
And we're off!!
Keep going....
Across the line!
Woohoo....well done everyone
ORIGIN's Wonder Women 😉
SPIE 2022


ORIGIN was delighted to be selected to showcase an early prototype of the ORIGIN system at the SPIE Photonics Europe Innovation village. This was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the system amongst industry innovators and leading photonics researchers. 

The ORIGIN system setup in the Innovation village
ORIGIN generating lots of interest and discussion
Dr Michael Martyn, Galway Clinic, presenting invited paper "Evaluation of a novel inorganic scintillator for applications in low dose rate (LDR) brachytherapy using bothTE-cooled and room temperature silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs)"
Some of the ORIGIN team meeting for the first time in-person since the start of the project